System Mechanic 12.7 Review

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PROS / System Mechanic has a sleek interface, real-time monitoring diagnostics and hardware failure monitoring.

CONS / The developer, iolo, offers no live chat support offered.

VERDICT / System Mechanic gives you the best real-time tools to repair, optimize and maintain your PC.

Editor's note: A newer version of this product is available. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this product when we next update the System Repair Software reviews.

When it comes to system repair software, it is best when companies don't overthink it. System Mechanic is great PC repair software because it is a mixture of power and simplicity. The sleek interface gives you quick access to the system repair tools that will repair your hard drive or optimize your system, getting it running like it did right out of the box. The real-time monitoring helps prevent future slowing by actively seeking out rouge programs and unauthorized configurations. Even though it’s powerful, System Mechanic isn't intrusive like other PC diagnostic software can be, and it doesn't clog up your system or act like the bloatware it is trying to prevent.

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The download interface is very nice. It isn't loaded with hidden bloatware or toolbars like other repair software packages. The layout of the home screen is easy to navigate to find the basic tool you are looking for, but it also provides additional information and options for advanced repair. System Mechanic's power and simplicity is why it earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Repair & Recovery

When you start up System Mechanic, the initial scan will analyze your system and provide suggestions on how to improve the health of the computer. This hard disk repair software is filled with one-click wizard tools that repair problems automatically, or you can choose how to resolve each individual problem. For example, once the software does a deep registry cleans of your system, the registry repair tool lets you either fix the problems automatically or use advanced options to repair each problem manually.

The registry repair screen shows several types of registry errors: Invalid Uninstallers, Invalid File Type Associations and Invalid COM references. You can then repair each individual registry error or you can repair each registry group. System Mechanic will also provide information about the severity of each registry problem and suggestions for how to resolve the issue.

There is also a wizard that diagnoses frustrating computer errors and crashes. This tool helps to search out the error messages received during system failure and helps you to find ways of resolving the problems in the future. The Program Accelerator tool re-aligns disjointed program files, which helps the programs run faster and prevents future system problems that can lead to software crashing.

There is a Pro version of System Mechanic, which includes protection against over 2.1 million viruses and threats. It uses real-time protection that is designed to operate in the background without slowing the computer or flooding the screen with pop-up messages. The Pro version is available for an additional cost.


System Mechanic Pro's stability guard intercepts threats in real time. Stability Guard will proactively inspect your computer for threats from rogue programs or unauthorized configurations that reduce system stability, and it provides a reliability report of specific programs that affect your computer’s performance over time. This information can been seen in the system monitor on the desktop which gives you a continual progress update on your system. The easy color code of green, yellow, orange and red gives you an overview of your system's health at a glance. If you click on the desktop monitor it will give you a more detailed report that includes possible problems and suggestive actions.

System Mechanic Pro provides reports about the computer’s activity over the last 90 days, and the software charts your system’s reliability. The intelliStatus screen gives you information about the system's hard drive and RAM, and provides options for how to clean up and optimize both. System Mechanic Pro provides monitoring software for physical memory, the hard drive and other hardware in the computer, which goes beyond other PC diagnostic software applications that normally only monitor the hard drive.


Real-time optimization tools give you simple fixes that will speed up your computer by monitoring running programs and giving you feedback about how to improve each individual program's performance. It also tells you how you can improve the PC's use of memory and Window's settings. The LiveBoost feature takes real-time actions to improve the performance of your computer as you use it. These actions include streamlining the power of the CPU to focus on the program you are using, releasing trapped RAM that is sometimes locked up by inactive programs and organizing files on your hard drive for optimal retrieval.

System Mechanic includes optimizer a tool for increasing the speed of your internet connection and browsers. It has a startup manager to eliminate unwanted start-up programs, and it uses user-generated feedback to give you the best advice about what programs should and should not be on when you start your system. This hard drive repair software also includes a CRUDD Remover, which looks for and deletes duplicate files on the hard drive.

Help & Support

In addition to the standard email support and FAQs offered by most PC repair software manufacturers, iolo offers a knowledgebase full of case histories of past problems that gives you an indirect way to help you find solutions to technical problems. The support you receive from the knowledgebase is organized by category – from problems with the software, to problems with the billing, to problems with technical support solutions. While the company does have 24/7 phone support for immediate problem resolution, the company doesn't offer live chat, which is a more convenient way to ask small support questions.


System Mechanic is powerful PC repair software. The interface is designed for quick use, and the software is powerful enough to resolve even stubborn computer problems. The real-time active features prevent future problems while actively optimizing your system. The mixture of power and simplicity makes System Mechanic the best PC repair software.

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